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Momu Release New Single, "Mavericks" (and answer some really dumb questions).

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Momu would be nowhere without electricity. (Photo by John Kane)

"That was a great opening set by Sasha. And he left one of his CDs in the deck!" (Photo by John Kane)

Another Ableton & FX set done well!

Saying that fans of "Progressive Breaks" know Momu is like saying that bird watchers know binoculars. But the strength of their music has won them fans far beyond the confines of the genre conscious.

For those of you that don't know Momu, they are J.D. Moyer (aka Jondi, of internationally renowned producer/DJ team Jondi & Spesh) and Mark Musselman, one of San Francisco's most acclaimed breakbeat DJ's. Momu's sound to date; wicked breaks, future tech sounds, breathtaking melodies, sinister FX, and devastating arrangements that wreak havoc on the dancefloor and stereos everywhere.

They came out swinging with their first single, "This Is Momu" and have since astounded us with a string of tracks that have gathered glowing reviews, highly placed television licensing deals , and mainstream video game licensing. Their latest single, "Mavericks" is no exception and has whipped up more praise from DJs, critics and fans alike who have used words like "Timeless Masterpiece" and "Momu does it again" when describing the track.

But who cares about all of that? We just want them to give us some revealing answers to pointless questions.

Loq: What's your favorite smell?
Mark: Grapefruit and Tangerine combo!
Jondi: A roasting chicken with garlic and onions is way up there.

L: Take the freeway or use the side streets? Why?
M: Freeway, too many lights on the side streets now.
J: Freeway ... even when it seems slower, it's usually faster.

L: Ever been snorkeling?
M: Yes. Best time was when we rented a house for spring break in the Florida Keys. We became Fish, it was awesome. We must have eaten some sea-shrooms.
J: Dozens of times. It's great as long as you don't swallow a bunch of sea water. Palau is my favorite.

L: Broken any bones? Which ones? How?
M: Knock on Wood no bones yet, which is very lucky since I had a half pipe in my backyard for many years and also used to skate pools. Several concussions though and some bad knees and ankles from snowboarding. Actually I do have one cracked bone in my spine from the hardcore
skateboarding days but its a realy small hairline fracture.
J: Hairline fracture in left ring finger ... "touch" football.

L: Do you like yoghurt? Why or why not?
M: Yes, even the new "drinkable" kind. Why? I have no idea.
J: Yes ... I'm all about the active live culture.

L: Most played track on your iTunes (No lying! Tell us what it
really is!)
M: U2 "One Tree Hill"
J: Anywhere Anyone by Dntel. 3rd place is Robots in the Garden by Autolux. [Hmmm. Then what is 2nd place? -Editor]

L: What are your favorite trousers and why?
M: Some very thin very soft puma cargo's because they make me feel so very very casual.
J: Some second hand jeans I bought after boycotting jeans for 10 years.

L: Tell us about the last meal you prepared.
M: Seared Ahi, brown rice, and garlic drenched sugar snap peas. Hi Pro, Low Cholesterol Dream Meal.
J: Poached eggs and a pear this morning for breakfast.

L: Do you know what a "shart" is?
M: Yes, but I prefer the "Shirter" which combines the best elements of a Shirt and Sweater.
J: Yes but not from personal experience.

Looking for a real interview? Hardcore members can download a full 30 minute audio interview with Momu that includes stories behind some of their most well known tracks, and even some sonic peeks at early Momu tracks. Not a member yet? Sign up. It's free and it gives you PRIVILEGES.

Learn more about Momu at www.thisismomu.com


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