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Loöq Records has earned its reputation as one of the top US underground electronic music labels by consistently releasing innovative, forward thinking music from every corner of the Earth. A&R by San Francisco's favorite production/DJ team Jondi & Spesh guarantees selections that excite countless dance floors and iPods alike.

Founded by Jondi & Spesh in 1998, and with roots dating as far back as 1992, Loöq Records has been around for the bulk of electronic music's heyday, and for a good bit of the music's rise to dominance in global club culture. Loöq was there when MTV launched its fledgling electronic music show, "Amp", supplying five music videos for Loöq tracks during its short but influential run on US national TV. From there it was quickly on to the world stage as a "progressive" mainstay and supplier of tunes to every DJ from Paul Oakenfold to Sasha & Digweed, Danny Tenaglia and hundreds in between, then firmly into this new millennium of anything goes, genre bending, electronic music that fills iPods and even more dance floors all over the planet.

Through the years, the idea has been simple. DIY. No money, no connections, no matter ... the label was born from a love of music and that is primarily where it has stayed. Fresh sounds with a strangely broad appeal are what drive Loöq Records and the result has consistently been a discography that not only works on the dance floor, but also in the broader arenas of television, and movie soundtracks, compilations, and the ever growing world of internet music sales. Loöq also extends its reach via two podcasts - "Jondi & Spesh Present Loöq Radio", a mix show that features the hottest new tracks, and "Total Poo", an irreverent and totally entertaining show hosted by Jondi & Spesh that lambastes bad dance music in the most hilarious way possible.

With more than 200 quality releases under its belt, and much more to come from an incredible array of international talent, Loöq Records is poised to continue its mission of entertaining people with forward thinking electronic music for some time to come (watch this space).

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