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Loq interviews Kevin Knapp of Slow Poke

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Kevin Knapp is half of Slow Poke (along with Loq Records co-founder Jondi). "Broken Line" is Kevin's debut release, out this week on Loq Records. Loq throws Kevin a few curveballs in this interview - see how he handles them.

Loq Records: This is your first release. What took you so long?

Kevin Knapp: Haha-- I have been a lot of places and seen/heard a number things of things on the way to my first release, and somehow I view it as right on time. One does not want a JANKY product ;)

Loq Records: "Broken Line" has a minimal, techy vibe to it, while Loq Records is known more for progressive. Is there any schism between genres in the San Francisco scene, or is it all one big happy family?

Kevin Knapp: I do think a bit of a divide exists between the peeps who hold themselves out to be purist of either genre. That being said, i think these same peeps (SF based or not) would manufacture the same schism regardless of the genre in question, by virtue of clinging so tightly to whatever genre they most strongly adhere to. The humorous part to me takes most interest in those that love "melodic techno" but hate progressive. those are truly special people.

Loq Records: Around here you're known for your love of indie rock and hip-hop as well as minimal, tech house, and most other forms of dance music. Is there a common thread that runs through your broad tastes?

Kevin Knapp: Great question! I'd say that through all three genres tekno/tek haus, indie rock (especially the harder stuff), and hip-hop there is an under lying aggressive energy that is pretty insistent and relentless on its listeners.. i love that. Indie rock contributed heavily to my appreciation and tolerance of dissonance. When i am playing a bass heavy tek haus track with squeaks and squawks on the top i am right at home. Proper Twerk son!

Loq Records: "Broken Line" was licensed to the TV show CSI even before it was released. How did you pull that off and how do you feel about it? Do you feel there was any kind of artistic compromise in licensing the track before releasing it?

Kevin Knapp: That whole thing was pulled off very, very carefully :) I've got some good friends in LA. They like music. That's it. Felt great because i like to try and expose as many to my music as possible and I am intrigued by the marriage of music and film. I don't feel like there was artistic compromise per se because we maintained full artistic control when writing the piece. After it was complete we sent it out to see if peeps were interested in licensing it. they were we keep the rights and we release it in its originally intended format for dance-floors. Do i feel guilty it was on TV too. no, i gotta eat too, no? This artist hustle ain't easy. I think my fellow producers feel me.

Loq Records: You're a person of mixed ethnic heritage. Is the San Francisco dance scene too white? Does it even matter or is it a non-issue?

Kevin Knapp: Too White --hahahah. dude being from a mixed race family this is not something i ever think about. the San Francisco dance scene is representative of the demographics of this town at large. If we were in Detroit there would be more black kids....because there are more black kinds in Detroit. besides.. I've learned how to play up being a novelty, it's quite enjoyable really. haha

Loq Records: Who else are you digging in the San Francisco scene? Who is doing interesting work?

Kevin Knapp:
Muhf&cka's who are killing shit right now are as follows
Jason Short
Brandon Wade
Nick Williams
Emilio Orlandi
Scott Carrelli
Eric Sebastian
Jason Kendig
and Nikola


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