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Kevin Knapp Interview Part 2

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Meat cake with mashed potato frosting, topped with cherry tomatoes.

DJ Kevin Knapp, recording as "Slow Poke" (with Jondi), has a new release out this week entitled Fog Man/Frog Man. Loq throws Kevin some curveball questions ... see how he manages below.

Tell us about the new release. Fog Man is a smooth groove, deep and easy to get. Frog Man is fucked in the head -- deranged melodic techno. 'splain.

Fog man is me and Jondi really coming into our own as a production duo. It really has both his and my fingerprints all over it from top to bottom. As I’ve begun to find my voice as an EDM producer I find that I really am getting a lot of my personal story out in that bass line and percussive sections of the tracks I produce. Fog Man says exactly what I’m trying to, with its low register make up. The smooth groove on the top, in my opinion anyway, is sort like a caged frenetic insect that just begs to freed and haphazard. It’s a sound that insists on its own release and gives back an accompanied feeling of relief and satisfaction when its request has been met.

Frog man was actually a track that began in a different more minimal direction. Then as Jondi and I began to work with it we found a relentlessly aggressive synth that I personally fell in love with (as did Jondi). It’s heavy handed with a couple moments of slight reprieve but contrary to popular belief I can be a surly dude at times. So it does reflect portions of my personality in some way.

Meat cake. Please comment. (and my you look svelte)
Haha. Damn dude, guess we’re just going to put Big Kev’s business out in the Street huh? So one of my closest homies, Satellite founder and Looq Recording artist Scott Carrelli, made a variation of the standard birthday cake for me last week. The Big Man (yours truly) has been known to put down a taco or two or four. So in an effort to inject some more health into my daily steez, I’ve gone onto a heavy protein minimal carb diet. Carrelli was kind enough to oblige, thus, the all meat birthday cake. A very nice gesture complete with mash potato frosting (yes, I skipped the frosting)

What kinds of gigs do you have coming up? Where do you love to play in SF? What is your international dream gig?

I’m really excited about a new residency I picked up early this year with my friends Nikita, Jason Kendig, and Kim Kong. It’s called Non-Fat Fridays at SF’s new underground’esque venue, The Triple Crown. I am now carrying three SF residencies (Satellite, Tinyshine, and Non-Fat) which should mean that I’ll stay pretty busy this year locally. That’s a good thing.

I love ANU, where the Satellite party is held. It’s been a second home for a long time and I just know what I can get away with set wise in the space. Small, dank, dark, filled with peeps who are just there for the music. Feel me? Internationally I would love to play at Amnesia or Space in Ibiza, with Loco Dice, Stimming, Stephan Bodzin, and Pan-Pot. Yes, altogether. One day perhaps =)

Latest Loq Records releases: tech house, techno, electro, and minimal. Do we still call Loq a progressive house label? Is Loq jumping the shark or have the label tastes always been eclectic in your opinion?

Looq has been bringing some heat lately. Considering Lipstique, Moyer and Carrelli projects, Slow Poke, and the new track Progtastic Progtasm (actually proper fooking techno, no shit) I think it has shifted a bit from what is has classically been but lets just let the people weigh in on that one. Progressive? I think not. You guys have always put out good tunes. That’s all that matters eh?

Jondi & Spesh have not recorded a Total Poo episode in over a year. Name a suitable punishment.
Jondi should have to eat Taco Bell and In and Out, exclusively, for a week. Spesh, should have to choose between mandatory Coors Light or White Zinfandel consumption at least a month (with no supplemental adult beverages). That’ll fix’em.

We hear you're working in the studio with Marc Kate (aka Silencefiction). What have you guys got going on? Who wears the pants?

That track is sick as all hell. Just wait… we cranked out a tune that I’m really REALLY stoked about. That was a thorough collaborative effort with no one really driving the bus per se. All of the ideas were arrived at by agreement. To be fair, Marc is probably more comfortable without pants than I am. Until I’ve had at least another year filled with mostly meat cake anyway. =)

What's notable in the San Francisco scene?

Kids here are dropping enough heat to rival many of the best in the world. Real talk.

Why should people care about dance music?
Dance music is the culmination of many different musical genres/disciplines in my opinion. It weds the influence of classical, hip hop, indie rock, and jazz (plus much more). All of those are areas where I spent a substantial part of my formative musical education. It really does have something for everyone, you just have to be patient and open enough to see it.

Who is your dream remixer for the next Slow Poke release?
Stimming Ya Dig?


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