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Interview with Issac
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"Sense" is one of those tracks that manages to embody every positive quality in dance music at once. It's driving, but also lush. It's big, but not cheesy. It's psychedelic, but not spacey. It certainly makes you want to move.

We jokingly said that if Sasha were to offer a reaction (he never does, as far as we know) he would say he's hammering all the mixes all the time -- this release would be a perfect fit for his impeccable style. Well, maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, as we did receive an email soon after from Sasha's track wrangler requesting all the masters. So maybe Sasha IS hammering it every set.

We tracked down Issac in NYC and threw him a few softballs. Get to know this young prodigy -- one to keep an eye on.

How old are you?
I'm 25

Where do you live?

I try to spend 6 months in NYC and 6 months in Mexico City since 2004.

How did you get started in music?
All start when i was like 15 years old and two of my best friends "Lenc Art (a great dj) and Raul" gave me the "Northern Exposure & Sasha_San Francisco (global underground)" compilations!. i was impressed, immediately i started buying vinyls, and so began my music collection, but was like 2 or 3 years after that when i start djing.

"Sense" is a brilliant track -- it's both really big (almost epic!) but also really deep and not at all cheesy. What were your inspirations behind the track?

Well, I wrote "Sense" in the morning, after a gig, that was a big night for me!, so I think that gig inspired me. =)

Which other producers do you admire and why?

Sasha, because he's a true legend in the scene and has progressed and embraced the change in the genre through new technologies and thinking and use them to further improve their performances and work.

What's the dance music scene like in Mexico City?

I think is growing, thanks to the support of new record labels and great young producers, also the music made in mexico is receiving more attention from people in europe and america.

How does that compare to NYC?

Not too much......NYC seems to be about party.i mean, you can hear some of the best dj's of the world,including local talent,getting lots of support, almost every weekend with an amazing crowd, also most of the clubs in the city have a great sound system.

In Mexico it doesn't happen very often, but I think the scene in Mexico will grow soon.

What direction do you want to take your future productions?

I will try to make some decent music, still with atmospheres, fresh sounds and beautiful elements, that I've always liked produce.that's where I want to take my future productions.

The Sense EP (featuring remixes from Tini Tun and Yellowcake) will be available on Beatport, iTunes, and other fine stores on October 7.

Update: It turns out that Sasha really IS hammering this track. Here's a video of Sasha playing "Sense" at Cream in Ibiza: http://bit.ly/YZSAH

Not the best audio quality -- you'll have to download the track yourself to really appreciate it.


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