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The Art of Art of Hot

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Apparently Chris and Dave don't want to risk being recognized on the street.

Play EP on Loq Records, out now!

Dave Richardson and Chris Demetras are no newbie producers -- let's just say their combined discographies would not fit in your wallet. As two experienced dudes, they refuse to be pinned down by the genre-of-the-week. They can do tech-house, house, and electro, but apparently dub-step and DnB just as easily. We signed their brilliant track "Disco Break" back in the day and it was picked up by Dance Dance Revolution. We're glad we picked up the "Play EP" as it has been picked up by Sasha in his latest sets. We try to understand some of the mysteries of Art of Hot via this interview ...

Loq: The Play EP has some of the tightest, techiest, funkiest tracks we've heard in a long time (not just from you guys, but from anybody). What inspired you to write this latest collection of awesome grooves?

Art of Hot: Well thanks for starters....We are always listening and being influenced by new music. With so much going on out there these days it's hard to come up with something no one has done. More and more as the terrain of the music industry changed in the 21st century, especially due to computers, so we both now have access to all the music in the world, which is naturally quite inspiring in the studio. Getting the newest sounds down the pipeline is so much easier now, it leaves us more time to be creative and act on our inspirations. Also, the computer studio makes setups that took hours back in the day a snap today, plus the technical level of sound applications are virtually indistinguishable from high level recording technologies of the 20th century. We're having a ball!

Loq: It's been awhile since the debut Art Of Hot EP on Loq [Lqo], which was "Disco Break." Last seven years in one sentence please.

Art of Hot: Life changes, people change, technologies change, industries change... life, the universe and everything has changed radically in the last decade... it's been hard work just keeping up!

Loq: Who does what in the studio? Any favorite gear you want to name drop?

Art of Hot: We use a Mac 2.5 dual with a 120 gig drive, but Ableton live is the brain behind the curtain.

We use the synths from these programs- reason, absynth,massive,reaktor,minimonsta(sick bass) Bounce track within computer environment.

All the mastering is done in T-rackS 3, use KRK system ROKIT 6 monitors.

Songs begin with an idea and sound palette.

Sequencing and composition is started by Chris and then the track goes through several revisions with Dave's assistance.

Parts are added in many different ways - This is done through playing anything from a keyboard Chris likes using his edirol PCR-500. It has a ton of editable parameters and lot's of sliders, pads and knobs, even a crossfader, Dave could play the bass guitar or supply some samples We work to find some other "hook" or "gimmick" that will help to give the track it's unique flavor.

We both produce and mix the track together. We have a gigantic sound library to get ideas moving along so that helps. A lot of it starts with conversation. Always listening to new stuff out there, everyday so much music is put out.

Truth be told, Chris does most of the hard work, and all those fiddly edits are his handiwork, and Dave does the graphic design under his editorial. We both try to do the boring business stuff together.

Ed. so Dave is the guy on the couch drinking tea -- doesn't mean his job isn't important.

Loq: Hyperdelic vs. Hyperdelicious … explain.

Art of Hot: Hyperdelic (or more accurately "Hyperdelic Video Lab of Tokyo" was Dave and Andy Frith, who worked together for 3 years in both Japan and America. Later, after Dave and Andy went their separate ways, Dave starting working with as "Hyperdelicious" - a loose collective of many artists in many disciplines. Many came and went, but the core group was always Chris, Dave and Reed Banals of the Look See Lightshow.

Loq:Dave, you've been known for intense visual shows, being a comic book collector/expert/blogger, writing, and probably a number of other things we don't even know about -- how does music production compare to your myriad of other creative careers?

Dave: Grasshopper, it's all one career.

Loq: Chris -- you've usually got a number of production projects cooking. Any hot biscuits in the oven you want to tell us about?

1-Right now Art of Hot has been dipping into dubstep and drum and bass.
We have always been big fans of breaks, coming from the early 90's rave scene were hardcore breakbeat was a major part of sound track for the Hyperdelic light show at the underground rave.
We are in negotiations with a German label right now over some new dubstep and drum and bass tracks too!

2-Chachi in charge- a project that involves all things illegal (samples, riffs, production) 80's and 90's acapellas spun over a myriad of tech beats.
Glued to the floor with silky basslines and synths. Sure to get you moving because it sounds SO familiar. Is that Biggie Smalls ,Robert Palmer, Queen Latifah and OMD? Did I hear Shannon, Nu Shoez and House 2 House? Where can you find these tracks? Well they are not for sale just to be included in our dj sets and on the my space. We might just put up a link so you all can download.

Loq: Craziest things you've ever done in the name of music?

Art of Hot:
-sneaked into venues when underage to see bands (Dave).
-illegal raves (both of us, way too much!)
-spending the pay check on records (Chris)
-waited in line all night for Duran Duran tickets (Chris), The Cure (Dave)

The Play EP is available on iTunes, Beatport, and other fine music vendors everywhere.

And if you've never heard the brilliant "Disco Break," check it out here.


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