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Cause & Effekt Sink One in the Corner Pocket

8Ball EP Is Quality Dance Music
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This interview isn't serious, but the music certainly is. Iain and Mus are Cause & Effekt, and they each bring loads of creativity and expertise to the studio. When we heard 8Ball, we knew we had to have it for Loq!

8Ball EP is available today on Beatport, iTunes, and other fine online stores.

Loq: Who is Cause and who is Effekt? And what inspired the name? And can you enlighten us as to your respective musical backgrounds?

Musa: Iain is Cause and Musa is Effekt, which represents how we work in the studio, Iain building new ideas and Musa crafting them and polishing

Iain: The name came from the fact that everything happens for a reason. There's always a Cause. And there's always an Effekt. We were brainstorming names for a while. We had lots of ideas but none seemed to have the same ring to them as Cause and Effekt. Its one of those names that everyone can relate to, because of the philosophy behind the phrase. You don't even have to philosophize to see Cause and Effekt going on around you. It's everywhere. It's why the world keeps changing.

Loq: Gear or software you are in love with at the moment?

Musa: Ableton Live is our fav from a creative point of view, Logic from an engineering perspective.

Iain: Both! I fell in love with Ableton Live at the point that Live 7 was released. Since then it's opened so many doors for musicians of all kinds. Its revolutionary software. However, I'll always be a fan of gear. Its nice to get outside the box! When it comes to DJ'ing, I have always used hardware as I come from a vinyl background. I was still playing out vinyl way after the CDJ thing took off! I eventually moved to CDs simply due to the availability of certain tracks but although I have recently started using software for some sets now, Musa's really the expert in that field.

Loq: Most extreme thing you've ever done in the name of music?

Musa: Tripped over a member of a very famous band on the stage while helping operate a tv camera in front of 1000s of people!

Iain: Jumped off a massive boat on an 18-30's booze cruise. Naked.

Loq: If everything goes perfectly, where will you be one year from now?

Musa: In the Maldives for 6 months... Just kidding hopefully we'll have 10 releases out on quality labels like Looq!

Iain: a) In the studio or b) playing to a crowd of people who are loving it!

Loq: Share the love -- which producers are floating your boats these days?

Musa: Honestly there's too many to mention, for consistency I like and have always liked Pryda!

Iain: There are so many! Hybrid, Jimpster, EDX, Jody Wisternoff, Trentemoller, Eric Prydz, Ben Watt, Dinka… The list goes on.

Loq: Any upcoming gigs or releases you'd like to plug?

Musa: We have another release coming out on Bonzai records called Reptile in the coming months.

Iain: I will be playing a set at a Festival called Hamswell in the Summer. Its in a beautiful part of the countryside in Somerset. Unfortunately, it won't be the duo this time. We're still working on some tracks we would like to have ready by the end of the year.

Loq: What's your favorite beer?

Musa: Not sure there's load of them, Becks, Kronenberg, definitely not Stella Artois though, that's been the cause of some unwanted effekts in the past!

Loq: Where do you get your inspiration?

Iain: Anywhere I can. I get loads of inspiration. Catching it is the skill!


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