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Cristian Gandini & Mike Griego Remix Momu's Classic "The Dive"

deep, intense, stunning, and being hammered by the world's best
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Gandini & Griego

A frame from the original music video.

Original 2003 vinyl release on Loq Records

"The Dive" | iTunes | Beatport | Juno

The Dive (featuring vocalist Alysoun Quinby) was originally released in 2003 and quickly became a standout as a progressive breaks crossover track. It was featured on Nick Warren’s Reykjavik Global Underground compilation, and received support from John Digweed, Sasha, Annie Nightingale, James Zabiela, DJ Hyper, Adam Freeland, Ashley Casselle, Lee Burridge, Cass, Jonathan Lisle, Hernan Cattaneo, DJ19, Pako & Frederik, Hybrid, and a host of others. We were content to leave this classic alone until just weeks ago when we received a stunning, unsolicited remix of The Dive from Cristian Gandini & Mike Griego. In addition to the Cristian Gandini & Mike Griego remix, the release includes a re-mastered original version. The release is already being hammered by Hernan Cattaneo, Eelke Kleijn, Sasha, John Digweed, and Nick Warren.

Cinematographer Kia Simon created this beautiful music video for the original release. Each frame was hand-painted in Photoshop.

Argentinians Cristian Gandini & Mike Greigo have each been part of the progressive house scene in their native land for almost a decade. Cristian began his career in radio in Buenos Aires, first in production, then as a radio host. His DJing later expanded into the clubs, always pushing the progressive and breakbeat sounds that were close to his heart. His career now encompasses music production, DJing, and radio. Mike Greigo came from a family of musicians and wrote and played a variety of different music styles before "finding in progressive house a shelter where he can share his emotions and feelings though textures and sounds". Together and separately, Cristinan Gandini and Mike Greigo productions have won the hearts of many of the world's top DJs including Sasha, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, and many more.

Momu is J.D. Moyer (the MO) and Mark Musselman (the MU). Championed from the start by the world's top DJ's such as Nick Warren and Sacha, Momu immediately made a name for themselves with ground-breaking breakbeat singles that helped create the "progressive breaks" genre.
In 2006 Momu released their debut self-titled album to stunning critical acclaim. M8 Magazine said "you'll struggle to find anything as perfectly formed as this collection from breakbeat visionaries Momu." Spill Magazine opined "An absolutely cracking album from start to finish, there's not even a whiff of disappointment in this longplayer." 2008 brought the release of Momu's follow-up album "Momentum." Unfettered by anything except the breakbeat form itself, "Momentum" broke the "progressive breaks" mold, but Momu's signature sonic weirdness, insanely high production values, and larger than life hooks are still front and center.

Momu recently released the "Sharken" single (Looq) and remixed Infusion's anthem "Gotta Leave Now" (Omnis). Momu is currently at work on their third album.


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