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Interview with Les Superstars

Nugen & Archer return with a new hit for Loq Records
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Les Superstars

You & Me, out Feb. 2 with remixes by Royal Sapien and Art of Hot

Via missives over the wire, Paris >> << San Francisco, we caught up with Emilie de Fouchcour and Jean-Phillippe Duzelier, aka Ngen & Archer, aka Les Superstars, and asked them how they manage to write such f*cking fantastic pop songs (among other things). Read and learn, music lover ...

Loq Records: We fell in love with the track "You & Me" the moment we heard it. What inspired this beautiful song?

Superstars: Basically, it came from a true love story. It started under the moonlight at a party in the countryside, laying on a mattress thrown in a middle of the field, surrounded and yet protected by a bunch of wild dogs feeding themselves with their daily hunt...
From there came a mutual childish questioning : what if my father died before i was born? Would I be someone else? Elsewhere? Or just a hole in universe...

Loq Records: How is the "Superstars" project different from Ngen & Archer?

Superstars: Superstars is the live expression pop/rock orientated of Ngen & Archer : a trio, 3 voices & 3 instruments (guitar/drums/bass) while Ngen and Archer is the duet of studio producers.
We first started "Superstars" when we bought a bass and a guitar and started recording tracks to add to their electronic materials, becoming more and more acoustic rock orientated :)... This is their natural becoming in a way...

Loq Records: What is your process for creating excellent pop songs?

Superstars: Well if we knew the magic, it would be so obvious, we would always release excellent tracks :)
Let's say it's a fine magic between inspiration, live play, harmony and life gathering through rehearsal work and recording, which will give birth to a track. The more truthful it is, the more likely it is to become something we love!
The best ones often come out from the more spontaneous ones!

Loq Records: In 2007 you started N Records. How would you describe the label? What do you have in the pipeline for 2011?

Superstars: We, as a label, want to express our love for the music and for the artists that brought us into the musical industry. We'll release a wide and eclectic material from progressive to techno, electro pop or even chilling tunes, as long as they touched us. A fine melting of newcomers and confirmed artists as we want the ones we love to get together.

Loq Records: How awesome does it feel to be French, and to live in Paris? Is there a special bond between Paris and San Francisco?

Superstars: Paris is the city of love. As all cities, even more when visiting as a tourist when you can get just the best of it.
Feeling French? We're all in this together, worldwide!

We enjoyed and loved San Francisco... The bond between Paris and San Francisco is music, jazz, culture and... Loq!

Loq Records: What other artists are inspiring you these days? And please name a few French bands/DJ's/producers Loq Records fans should check out.

Superstars: Radioheads, vampire weekends, Gush, Soultrax, Stuart Price (Thin White Duke, Jacques Lu Cont, Paper Faces) amongst others.
Within French producers : dOP, Gush, I:Cube, SebastiAn, Sbastien Lger...

The Superstars new single "You & Me" is out Feb. 2 on Loq Records.


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