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Methodrone -
s4D EP
"s4d" is the first single to be taken from the debut album from bi-coastal (San Francisco and New York to be exact) live/electronic fusion team "Methodrone". The track, with its luscious, expansive sound palate, is reminiscent of Breeder, Voyager, the productions of Charlie May, and Sasha's Airdrawndagger. [more]
s4D (Royal Sapien Remix) No flash
s4D (Jason Randolph Remix) No flash
s4D (Art Of Hot Remix) No flash
s4D (Josh Abrams Remix) No flash
s4D (Original Mix) No flash
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Jondi & Spesh -
Angles of Estrangement
Each composition contains a dramatic arc, and within that arc, an event. Each piece begins exactly where it ends, and thus can be played in an endless loop. [more]
Second Sky No flash
Back Alive No flash
Underneath It All No flash
Big Air No flash
Gone For Days No flash
I Drank It No flash
MOTS No flash
Longest Day No flash
We Are Connected No flash
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Thee-O, Steve Prior, & Dino G. -
FWD Movement EP
Thee-O continues his prolific output of masterful dance tracks on his latest co-production, this time with Los Angeles DJ, Producer and Avalon resident Steve Prior, and Chicago based Spybar resident Dino G. Tech for your decks!
FWD Movement (Original Mix) No flash
FWD Movement (Von Ukuf Remix) No flash
FWD Movement (Torin Remix) No flash
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Cause & Effekt -
8Ball EP
The original mix reminds us of that swirling tempest of sound that develops about three quarters of the way through John Digweed set. Dark and hard, but undeniably groovy, with subtle vocals that lift the spirit. [more]
8Ball (Original Mix) No flash
8Ball (Tech Dub Mix) No flash
8Ball (Tech Dub Mix - Spesh Edit) No flash
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Reef Project -
Shallow Waters EP
Chill. Take a load off. Relax. This succulent downtempo indulgence comes to you courtesy of Reef Project, the slower, groovier alias of West Coast super producer Thee-O. The following special equipment will enhance your listening experience: lounge chair, sun deck or beach, cocktail or cold beer ...
Deep End No flash
Pacific Flying No flash
Snapper No flash
True Clown No flash
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Yellowcake featuring Kevin Knapp -
Toe The Line EP
Toe The Line features a masterfully well performed yet underground sounding vocal courtesy of one of San Francisco's freshest electronic music contributors, Kevin Knapp. While the lyrics paint the picture the gritty fun that is the clubbing life, the beats give further cred to the story. [more]
Toe The Line (Original Mix) No flash
Toe The Line (Thee-O Remix) No flash
Toe The Line (Silencefiction Remix) No flash
Toe The Line (Radio Mix) No flash
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Momu -
Sharken EP
In the days before strict dance music categorization there was a sound that you could not put your finger on. It was house, it was breaks, it was techno. It was moody, powerful and uplifting. [more]
Sharken (Original Mix) No flash
Sharken (Art Of Hot Remix) No flash
Sharken (Issac Remix) No flash
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Art Of Hot -
Play EP
If you like your tech house bouncing, layered, and extremely flammable stop reading now and purchase these tracks. [more]
Play (Original Mix) No flash
Play (Huggie Remix) No flash
Electric Blue No flash
Hot Electro Action No flash
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Thee-O & Steve Prior -
Muy Muy Bien
All four new mixes build on the original's floor-filling, sexy, prime-time house sound, while exploring all the twisted territory that you would expect from Loq Records. [more]
IV Legend Remix No flash
Sean Ray Tribal Remix No flash
David Hopper & DMorse Remix No flash
Mark Kane Remix No flash
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Jan van Lier -
Comet EP
Hold on to your Diesel jeans young clubbers because Jan van Lier's "Comet" is about to blow the pants off of everyone who steps onto a dance floor for months to come. [more]
Comet (Original Mix) No flash
Comet (THC Remix) No flash
Kadett No flash
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